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Omni Integration: The New PCI Validated Point to Point Encryption

Omni Integration is a provider of secure electronic payment acceptance and risk management solutions has announced the availability of TC Safe™ PCI-Validated Point to Point Encryption (VP2PE) solutions. TC Safe provides merchants with a card-present and mail order/phone order payment security as well as maximum PCI scope reduction.
Organizations face constant threats to the security of their customers’ Primary Account Number (PAN) and sensitive authentication data. To ensure customer confidence and trust, merchants can employ encryption solutions. TC Safe PCI VP2PE solution safeguards credit and debit card payments by encrypting all data within a PCI certified device. Under the PCI PIN Transaction Security (PTS) program for Secure Reading Exchange of Data (SRED), no clear-text cardholder data is accessible in the device, in transit, or within a merchant’s system. Encrypting at the point of interaction makes sensitive info…

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