Nowadays, when it comes to EMV Certification, it is often unclear which certifications apply, what the certification requirements are, and how long the process takes when re-certification is required. We are left wondering, what is the total EMV certification process time? How does this apply to us?

EMV is a fraud reducing technology which helps protect merchants, consumers and card issuers. It reduces losses associated with stolen card transactions, unauthorized uses on lost cards, and disputes between merchants, acquirers and issuers. EMV Certification are very costly and time-consuming to have your business develop an EMV Certification team in-house. The total time can take 8 months or more.

Omni Integration is a leader in providing professionally managed EMV Certification Services. We offer complete your EMV Certification cycle in less than 3 months a complete set of test cycles. We maintain in-house Device subject matter experts so there are no external dependencies. Our team is equipped with industry-approved tools, and our facilities are designed to provide EMV Certification solutions which simplify the EMV enablement, test and validation process.


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