Block chain in AR (Augmented Reality)

Decentraland: The first virtual platform owned by its users”, a virtual world in which new content can be spatially explored and discovered.

Indiesquare: the first VR Bitcoin block explorer, geeky Bitcoiners can now see a real-time Bitcoin transaction happen in VR. 

Voxelus: Single multiplayer VR game takes place in a 3D environment. Gamers can hold 3D assets on the Voxelus marketplace called Voxels. 

AR Token: This decentralized AR/VR ecosystem for the exchange of 3D content was launched by a well-known player in the space, each content file is assigned an ID or a hash stored on the blockchain to prevent copyright infringement. Once a content transaction has been completed, its details will be processed to a smart contract protocol.

Nanome (Matryx): Nanome’s main business is the design of VR interfaces for its pharmaceutical clients. From this decentralized collaboration platform, MATRYX pharmaceutical companies, universities or government will be able to post a bounty on the Matryx platform.


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