ChatBot Inclinations - 2018

AI chatbots: The Artificial Intelligence community is still young, but there are already a ton of great bot platforms out on the ever-growing web. It seems like every day there is a new Ai feature being launched by either Ai Developers, or by the bot platforms themselves. For many business owners it may be overwhelming to select which platform is the best for their business.

Chatbots can be easily embedded into your website to help you interact with your clients directly via messages. For instance, BotEngine, a chatbot factory by LiveChat, helps you to build your first bot that will answer questions from customers.

Voice Bots: Experts in the industry estimate that there will be a steady increase in conversation-based interactions in 2018. In recent times, there have been several brands like Apple, Google and Amazon that are offering voice assistant bots to customers. This effort has been able to identify customer problems and find solutions on how to solve them amicably.

Website AI chatbots: As 2018 moves ahead, more and more companies will have chatbots embedded in their websites. It is now considered an excellent interacting source, and particularly one that helps engage customers for a better overall experience. More than that, it helps to support more control over an organization’s sales activities, marketing and user experience.

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