Quick Service Kiosk Are Increasing And Moving Towards Self-Service Revolution.

Nowadays, a very high percentage of customers are tech savvy, and expect the same level of technological cleverness from merchants. Costumers prefer to buy things quickly – like purchasing a phone charger or printing a boarding pass. The necessity and desire for unattended solutions is increasing rapidly. As quick service food operators looking to streamline their businesses and drive possible efficiencies, the self-service kiosks are becoming a part of this experience.
Easy-to-use, cashless electronic points of sale are providing options which they never had before, and some are embracing the technology with open arms to enhance productivity. The fast food world, McDonald’s, KFC, Domino’s have been using these systems for a while.
The self-service revolution is expected to explode in few years.
Most QSR companies are helping the vast majority of customers to become more tech-savvy, which is enough to operate a kiosk. The kiosk can also be customized in terms of simplicity and user experience.
“Nowadays payment technologies are enabling many new kiosk networks as cash starts to fade and NFC and other new technologies get more acceptance in general. In coming years there are more, smaller and smarter kiosks in many more locations globally.”

Source:   https://www.westpac.co.nz/rednews/business/the-self-service-revolution/



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