Mobile payments are becoming more and more important for online and offline shopping. Customers are increasingly starting to accept different forms of payment methods. However, some companies are still restricting them from using these payment methods. Do users really want new payment methods? Is it worth the time and the cost to create new payment techniques? And can they be implemented in the companies?  Implementation of mobile payment methods are very easy. Even by small firms it is provided free of charge sometimes. From the local bakery to lavish hotels, users want to pay easily anywhere through mobile, with the help of new payment methods, anywhere they want. 
There are numerous methods that determine mobile payment traffic. Below are two of the latest trends which are helping mobile payments by the consumer:
QR payments
QR code is old but still in the market, and is making a return at its fullest. This code is very important for big companies in all marketing techniques. Imagine the QR Code on a restaurant bill or on the charity flyer or at ticket shop in a festival. Following China and South Africa, Europe (Netherlands and Belgium) is also developing QR Code technology. 
With the help of mobile scanning applications, the QR Code can be scanned thus connecting you to your online banking institution. By following very simple steps, the consumer pays safely, securely and very quickly without the need of cash in hand. Most people find this payment method favorable, due to the ease of paying through mobile devices. Due to consumer demand more companies are trying to implement QR Code Technology as their payment option.  
Mobile wallets
I’m sure that you have probably heard about the mobile wallet: It is a very safe and easy way for users to pay with a mobile phone. Android Pay Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are some of examples of mobile wallets. This method makes it unnecessary to carry cash or cards in your hand. Nowadays everyone is carrying a smart phone, so this makes it easy for them to pay through mobile wallets. Mobile payments are enabled on both online and offline methods with the help of pin terminal and enable wallets respectively making it easier for consumer to pay for their purchases.


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