Omni Integration: The New PCI Validated Point to Point Encryption

Omni Integration is a provider of secure electronic payment acceptance and risk management solutions has announced the availability of TC Safe™ PCI-Validated Point to Point Encryption (VP2PE) solutions. TC Safe provides merchants with a card-present and mail order/phone order payment security as well as maximum PCI scope reduction.

Organizations face constant threats to the security of their customers’ Primary Account Number (PAN) and sensitive authentication data. To ensure customer confidence and trust, merchants can employ encryption solutions. TC Safe PCI VP2PE solution safeguards credit and debit card payments by encrypting all data within a PCI certified device. Under the PCI PIN Transaction Security (PTS) program for Secure Reading Exchange of Data (SRED), no clear-text cardholder data is accessible in the device, in transit, or within a merchant’s system. Encrypting at the point of interaction makes sensitive information undecipherable and useless to hackers. By eliminating clear text cardholder data from a merchant’s environment, TC Safe can diminish PCI DSS scope. Combining TC Safe with TC IPA provides an additional layer of security, keeping cardholder data, even in its encrypted state, from ever entering other systems and networks.

Benefits include: 

·        Protects transactions from the point of interaction, immediately encrypting cardholder data.
·        Removes access to decryption keys, making sensitive payment data invisible to the merchant.
·        The only hardware required is a PCI certified device that works with TC Safe. No additional hardware is required within your data environment.
·        Simplifies PCI compliance requirements allowing for a significantly shorter PCI DSS evaluation and overall compliance effort.
·        TC IPA semi-integrated solution keeps PCI data out of your other systems and provides the easiest path to EMV.

As part of the validation requirements, TC Safe uses only PCI PTS SRED certified hardware, such as those implementing Ingenico’s On-Guard P2PE technology. TC Safe device support includes Ingenico Group’s iSC Touch 250, iSC Touch 480, iPP 320, and iPP 350 smart terminals and ID Tech SRED Key and Secure RED.
Integration partners are currently utilizing TC Safe for PCI VP2PE and EMV functionality. 


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